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Last updated 2011-09-27
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 PRA  Information about this eye disease  
 FACTS  Facts about PRA
 INHERITANCE A simple scheme of the inheritance
 INHERITANCE  You need a PDF reader to view this file      
 F.A.Q.'S  Frequently Asked Questions about PRA
 BREEDING  Breeding selection in simple recessive inheritance
 TESTS  Lists of all eye tested Lhasas  
 PRA-PED        XX  Pedigrees of all the PRA cases   
 CARRIERS    OX  All known carriers of PRA   
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 NEWS  Latest news on the DNA research

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 LL  Information about Lens Luxation  
 LL & CATARACTS-PED  Pedigrees of all the LL cases      with cataract ped.

Swedish RD Pedigrees - PNP stamtavlor    
Breaking the silence - An Odyssey with RD Part 1  by Debby Rothman
Breaking the silence - An Odyssey with RD Part 2  by Debby Rothman
Shattering the myths - Part 1  by Debby Rothman
Shattering the myths - Part 2  by Debby Rothman

Pets The complete guide to choosing and caring for your pet.


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